Secure willing to shiver as our novel blond, brunette, and redhead three-some return for their final game alongside one another. The girls, clad merely in their underclothing, race down the hallway of a general hotel to the ice machine, ın which they acquire to grab as much e as they can carry and race it back to the room, where they breakup with it in buckets. Then they should do it one more time, and anew, whose poor boobies and booties attain colder and wetter. The champ is the first to fill the ex bucket to the top. The second- and third-place finishers (Katie and furthermore Paige, respectively) have to strip turned off their soaked undies and show a person’s rock-hard nipples right there in the passageway. And that’s not all: the cuties head back into the room, where the last-place angel receives all that ice poured close to her shivering nude body, in economic the other two rub it in keeping with her. Brrr!