This is a two-parter. They play Peel High Card until we have a pair losers (Anastasia and Fern). This type of losers must do a somersault kind across the lawn, tumbling as fast as they may be able to beat the other beauty up to the finish line. The loser during the race (Fern) acquires secured up to the door and mercilessly tickled. What for the record, I made an error with the tickling. We had a cutie pie fastened up, about to receive excited (which this babe explicitly informed us she absolutely detested) or so i figure it’d be a fine strategy to give her a safeword (“pineapple”), but I neglected to tell her felines safeword should only be used in my almost any dire circumstances, when the drinks are so bad that she no longer consented to the activity. So when things picked up too agonizing, that babe safeworded. We let her recover simply to came at her once longer amount until that babe wasn’t able to take it anymore, then Iterate. There were still some worthwhile tickling, exclusively less of it than I would’ve beloved. Next time, screw a safeword, the wife can suffer.